The Hannah Storm Foundation, created in 2008, is an advocate for Children’s issues. Our goal is to inspire individual potential and to promote an active and fulfilling life.

Our primary focus areas are to raise awareness, fund treatment and provide educational information for children suffering from debilitating and disfiguring vascular birthmarks. Many babies are born with birthmarks and maybe you’ve seen a child with one on their cheek or tummy. While many of these birthmarks are harmless and, in some cases, disappear or fade, some children will have a significant vascular birthmark that will require a specialist. For approximately 40,000 children in the U.S., parents are often left wondering what to do and where to turn for help.

Hannah’s passion for this cause stems from being born with a port wine stain birthmark underneath her left eye and having multiple surgeries as a child. The Hannah Storm Foundation partners with world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Milton Waner and his team, located at the Vascular Birthmark Institute at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, to conduct our surgeries for these kids.

To date the Foundation has funded more than 35 surgeries for children from around the world.